Portrait of the artist | All Tangled Dreads about pageAbout the Artist

Hello, my name is Kirstin.
After admiring dreadlocks for years (and waiting for my hair to grow long enough), I finally took the plunge and decided to create them on myself. I soon discovered that not only did I enjoy it, I seemed to have a talent for it as well. I became certified by Divine Dreadlocks Australia to officially learn the art of natural dreadlocks so I could help others with their hair. Not long after that, I learned about the world of temporary dreadlocks. The textures! The colors! The options and versatility! As the sole owner, artist, photographer, and everything else-er, All Tangled Up Dreads keeps me busy as my full-time job. I still love natural dreadlocks and helping people with their hair, but I especially enjoy making one-of-a-kind custom creations that will suit the style of a wider variety of people.

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